honeysuckle teatime catering

honeysuckle is tea party catering and event planning. We bring lovely decor, wonderful food, friendly service and incredible design to homes, businesses and event spaces. At honeysuckle, we pride ourselves in using tea as an ingredient in all of our products. We offer things like lavender shortbread, rose wedding cookies, orange blossom donuts, chocolate chai cupcakes, earl grey brownies and create beautiful tea-infused custom cakes. In tandem with the tea party theme, we offer our own special blends of iced teas, hot teas, tea lattes, kombucha and what we call "marteanis," which are tea-infused cocktails.

We seek to offer tea parties as a creative and artistic alternative to current children's and adult party options. honeysuckle creates an environment where children can use their imaginations and experience a sense of wonder, magic and community and develop an appreciation for delicious and healthy food. For adults, we believe the thrill of a party should never end and strive to create a wonderful and stress-free experience for any host. We believe in incorporating a beautiful and artistic design aesthetic in our catering.

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