Brunch Babes

Photo by  Sarah Cooper    A fun cocktail, uplifting conversation, and new friends with Brunch Babes!

Photo by Sarah Cooper 

A fun cocktail, uplifting conversation, and new friends with Brunch Babes!


Sarah Cooper and I have been buds for two years now! We met at the Trinity Farmer's Market in 2016 where she bought some meringues and watermelon lollipops during the early days of honeysuckle. I remember she was so sweet and excited about her purchases, and instantly made me feel so appreciated. Later that day, she took some gorgeous photos of the treats and posted them on her Instagram. I was so impressed by the way she captured the fun and whimsy of my brand. Her food styling and expert use of color make products pop, and she interprets the world through her images so beautifully.  When I was asked by Edible San Antonio to provide photos for story they published on honeysuckle, I asked Sarah if she would collaborate with me on our first honeysuckle photoshoot. It was super evident at the time that we worked well together, and the images prove it! Since then she has captured hundreds of images for honeysuckle, we have had many dinners, happy hours, have sent probably millions of text messages and shared too many bottles of wine. Sarah is one of those amazing people who puts her heart in everything she does, will always stick up for you, but will also keep you in check to be your best self. She is an amazing dog mother, a loving partner to her awesome boyfriend John, and one of my very best friends! Together we created Brunch Babes, to help other creative women meet and keep friends in hopes of growing a friendship as strong as ours. 

brunch babes

Brunch Babes is meant to be a fun and giving celebration of friendship. Sarah and I make favors for all our guests to enjoy, and share in lovingly prepared meal together. Every month, we pick a local restaurant and invite 14 women to sit with us in a safe space to talk about life, work, and being a woman in our community. We encourage women from all walks of life to come make friends, and hope that time spent is relaxing and reinvigorating. It is our hope that we can help other busy gals meet likeminded women, and engage in fun and meaningful conversation and momentarily escape from the stresses of their daily lives. Below, you'll find a recipe for one of our favorite cocktails, a spin on a classic mimosa. Contact us to start a local chapter in your community!


the brunch babes bubbly 

  • one bottle of cava, prosecco or other sparkling wine (we like 
  • 1 pint fresh ruby red grapefruit juice (fresh is so much better, and worth the work!)
  • 6 ounces St. Germaine 
  • two tablespoons rose water 
  • one whole grapefruit (to garnish)
  • edible glitter

Add juice, St. Germaine & rosewater to a carafe and stir. Slowly pour in your sparkling wine, careful to avoid causing overflow. Pour into your favorite wine glasses or flutes, garnish with edible glitter and grapefruit wedges!